Our Approach

We’re the people that collaborate with you and our financial professionals and/or insurance agents to ensure your prosperity. We help in finding the product or products that best serves your needs. Working together with you and your family, we become something greater; we become agents of possibility, agents of empowerment, agents of stability and confidence in a volatile world. Our sole purpose is to provide our clients and agents with the best solutions available in the industry, coupled with a culture focused on relationships over revenues. Any agency/marketing organization can provide products, carriers, underwriting, and other services. What sets us apart is our value on relationships, accessibility and communication

Meet the founder

Gerald A. Pimpleton

Founder & CEO As a financial planner, keynote speaker, branding architect and financial fitness coach; Gerald has spent 15 years helping to grow revenues for everyone from business owners to the ordinary average American worker. from coast to coast. Whether it’s been diversifying portfolios, starting from scratch, planning for retirement or college, Gerald has dedicated himself to changing the face of how middle America plans their lives across the country! After building successful businesses in multiple industries; Gerald realized that his greatest fulfillment lies in helping others learn to make their money work harder for them than they work for it.

This is my life’s passion. To protect your family and break the back of poverty in middle America.

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